Poker – Real Money Play Strategies

Poker is a very popular game. Many people are interested, rather fascinated, to play this game. Poker is easy to learn but mastering it is very hard. But one must be very careful when playing Poker for real money. Otherwise, they may end up losing money. There are many online sites like  and live rooms to play Poker for real money.

Here are some strategies to be followed when playing Poker for real money.

Advanced Strategies

There are many advanced strategies like Tight, Loose, Aggressive and Passive. These are defined based on the style a player uses like how often he bet, opening pot etc., You have to observe and understand their playing style to make your decision for rest of the hand.

Following only one style makes your game predictable. You have to change, break up or combine some of these styles. It will be extremely useful to make your playing style is unpredictable.

Understanding Bluffs

Bluffing and understanding bluffing attempts are equally important as they increase your chances of winning. A successful bluff will make your opponent think that you have strong cards that can beat them.So while bluffing, make sure that yourwhole story makes sense. A smart opponent can easily see through you, if you decide to bet as your last hope.

Considering Odd & Outs

Identifying the best cards you need and calculating the probability of getting them is nothing but considering our odds and outs. With these calculations, we may have to change the strategy of the game, if necessary.

Apart from the above game strategies, one must keep the following points in mind while playing for real money.

Points to consider beyond game strategies

  1. Start slowly with your money, that means start with little money such as 1/20 th of the total money you decided to spend. Watch your spending also.
  2. Pay attention to your position at the table while playing. It plays a vital role in making you win.
  3. Be patient while playing. Observe, understand, think and play.
  4. Bet only if that situation is under your control.
  5. Try to put pressure on other players.
  6. Consider playing in secured sites like while playing online as there are many fraud sites are there.


And finally, above all the game strategies and emotional strategies, one thing every player playing with real money needs remember is “Prepare for the worst”. Chances of losing are very much equal to that of winning. Whether it might be a win or lose, consider all of them as lessons to make you the best player.


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